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syncosystem IS MORE THAN AN APP.
It is a connection PLATFORM.

Syncosystem is the only company that offers a patent-pending app that connects people with businesses across all industries so that they can experience better transactions while collecting, owning, and sharing their data during these transactions. By having people own and manage their data, we will improve health care, public health, day-to-day business and medical research while saving lives, decreasing mistakes, and lowering costs.

The Syncosystem ecosystem includes the following powerful platforms: ShopSaveGo, SyncoBlock, HappyStops, and MetaSynco.

Ultimately, Syncosystem enables smarter transactions, smarter businesses, smarter research, and smarter living.

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Syncosystem's ShopSaveGo
ShopSaveGo Features


Payment Processing

Encrypted Texting

Easy Scheduling

Built-in Marketing

Multi-Industry Shopping

Mobile Order & Pay

Pre-Arrival Communication

Easy Scheduling


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Syncosystem's SyncoBlock
SyncoBlock Features


Data Records System

Online Forms Transfer Before and During Appointments

Seamless Data Integration

Remote Monitoring

Proprietary Interoperable Medical Record System

Data Storage, Cleaning, and Processing

Machine Learning, AI, and Predictive Analysis

Research Opportunities


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Syncosystem's HappyStops
HappyStops Features


Targeted Marketing

Marketing by Location

Marketing by Interests

Target Audience Visualization

A computer screen showing a map and a review

Filterable Discount Searches

Discounts Based on Location

Discounts Based on Interests

Errands Made Easy Function


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Syncosystem's MetaSynco
MetaSynco Features


Metaverse Business Listing

Metaverse Document Exchange

Metaverse Marketing

Metaverse Navigation

Metaverse Document Exchange

Data Collection

Metaverse Discount Locator


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