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Shop great deals, connect with businesses and take control of your personal data

Syncosystem is a multi-pronged platform that empowers consumers and businesses. Connect with businesses that are offering amazing deals on products and services in your local area while gaining access and control over your personal health data.

The convenience of a connected world

Syncosystem is a revolutionary platform where you can get everything you need in one place, from products and services at amazing prices, to a secure way to store and manage your health data, upload important documents, and keep in touch with people. We want to provide you with one platform where you can organize your whole life.

Own your data

It’s time to take back control of our data. At Syncosystem, we understand the importance of data collection in healthcare. That’s why we provide a mobile app where you keep control of your personal data rather than handing it over to third parties. You can bring together all of your personal health data in one secure place and live more mindfully by gaining a better overall idea of your wellbeing and lifestyle habits from apps and wearable devices. All while keeping control of your data and who you sell your own personal data to.

One platform, all the services you need

Connect with the very best products and services at affordable prices all in one place. And with access to your healthcare data, you’ll be empowered to make better decisions for a happier and healthier life.

  • Gain an overview of wellness with all your personal data information in one place
  • One-stop shop to buy products and services with fantastic discounts
  • Live more mindfully with control over your data
  • Secure platform with blockchain protection
  • Shop from multiple industries in one place
  • Buy and pay for products and services directly from your phone
  • Quick and efficient customer service

Easy-to-use and instant scheduling

Built with business in mind

Our technology is patent-pending and has been created to help businesses, too. For one small monthly fee, you get a whole host of services to help you grow your brand, uncover new revenue streams and market your products and services.

Here’s what you get:

  • A new revenue stream where you can find new customers
  • Effective marketing campaigns
  • In-built payment system
  • Secure storage of business data
  • Web analytics
  • All this and more for $39.99 a month

How it works

We empower businesses and consumers with a suite of services that you can access all in one place. Syncosystem brings together powerful platforms and partnerships to offer an easy-to-use service and complete control of personal data collection.

  • ShopSaveGo saves money and time by connecting people with businesses
  • HappyStops connects people with special offers and deals targeted specifically to them
  • MetaSynco connects people by providing an immersive metaverse experience

SyncoBlock gives you access and control of all types of personal data to share as you choose

Let’s change the way we live

Forget downloading endless apps. As consumers, we deserve to be able to get everything we need in one platform while having access to and control over our own health data. And as a business, there is no need to pay for expensive services when you can have everything together in one place for an affordable monthly fee. Syncosystem provides a platform where consumers and businesses can both thrive. It’s a one-stop shop for all your needs at an affordable price.

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Syncosystem's ShopSaveGo
ShopSaveGo Features


Payment Processing

Encrypted Texting

Easy Scheduling

Built-in Marketing

Sign in page of Syncosystem with food and fitness pictures

Multi-Industry Shopping

Mobile Order & Pay

Pre-Arrival Communication

Easy Scheduling


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Syncosystem's SyncoBlock
SyncoBlock Features


Data Records System

Online Forms Transfer Before and During Appointments

Seamless Data Integration

Remote Monitoring

Login page of Syncosystem with fitness trainer information

Proprietary Interoperable Medical Record System

Data Storage, Cleaning, and Processing

Machine Learning, AI, and Predictive Analysis

Research Opportunities


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Syncosystem's HappyStops
HappyStops Features


Targeted Marketing

Marketing by Location

Marketing by Interests

Target Audience Visualization

A computer screen showing a map and a review

Filterable Discount Searches

Discounts Based on Location

Discounts Based on Interests

Errands Made Easy Function


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Syncosystem's MetaSynco
MetaSynco Features


Metaverse Business Listing

Metaverse Document Exchange

Metaverse Marketing

Metaverse Navigation

Metaverse Document Exchange

Data Collection

Metaverse Discount Locator


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