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Boost your bottom line with new revenue streams and effective targeted marketing campaigns

Save time, money, and effort while boosting your bottom line with new revenue streams. Syncosystem is the business management app that connects you with motivated consumers and empowers you to market and sell your products and services to your target audience for an affordable monthly fee.

Increase profits for $39.99

Whatever your industry or company size, by using Syncosystem’s digital platform you can increase profits and save you thousands in business expenses. We pack in multiple features such as marketing campaigns, merchant processing, scheduling, e-commerce, blockchain, document management, cryptocurrency, encrypted texting, and more for an affordable monthly fee.

We’ll connect you directly to your target market in a secure environment and help you provide them with an easy user experience to buy your products or use your services. All the while, enabling seamless sharing of personal data information with the consent of consumers.

Multiple platforms in one

We bring together several platforms to help you give your customers a better user experience and increase your revenues. Our platforms help you to connect with consumers while lowering expenses, increasing revenue and providing secure personal data collection.


Helps you to increase profits and decrease business expenses. ShopSaveGo provides businesses with features such as e-commerce, merchant services, scheduling, encrypted texting, and document sharing for a fraction of the cost.


Gives consumers access and control over their personal health data, allowing them to have all the information in one place.


A marketing platform that enables you to offer discounts and deals to consumers for the exact products and services that they are looking for.


Allows you to connect with consumers in the metaverse by empowering you with digital tools to help your company succeed in the digital universe.

Our platform consolidates these platforms to help you increase business while saving time and money. We’ll connect you with a target audience that is ready to buy your products and services in a blockchain-secured environment.

Revolutionize the way you do business

We provide a platform where you can market your products and services to a targeted audience and generate new revenue streams by connecting with new customers without the cost of setting up your own platform.

  • Connect with consumers and offer them deals on products and services
  • Decrease overhead and increase profit margins with affordable platform features and tools
  • Support sustainable practices through decreased travel, paper consumption, and redundancy
  • Get your target audience’s attention with better and more targeted marketing at an affordable price
  • Give your customers their data to help them and your business to make better decisions
  • Make smarter plans for your business success in the Metaverse with powerful digital tools

We put security first

We use blockchain technology to provide a safe and secure platform while giving consumers control of their own personal health data. By using blockchain, we can assure you that all your business data is secure and consumers that their personal data information is safe from security breaches.

Access engaged consumers

Syncosystem opens up a new revenue stream, where you can motivate your target audience with exclusive deals and offers. Purchasing is made easy with the inbuilt software and it’s simple to set up targeted marketing campaigns that help you further boost your bottom line.

Who we are

Our team comprises highly skilled engineers, digital architects, financial advisors, and data specialists each with decades of experience. We’ve come together to provide an impactful mobile shopping and data management platform that allows consumers to live more mindfully by providing a better overview of their wellbeing.

Founded by a doctor and surgeon, we built Syncosytem on the idea that businesses should have access to affordable prices for better decisionmaking and consumers deserve to have power over all types of personal data and be connected with businesses who can offer them deals to meet their needs.

Empower consumers to take back their data

It’s now law for healthcare providers to give people access to their data for healthcare without delay or risk being fined up to one million dollars. HIPAA’s Privacy Rule requires covered entities to provide access to protected health information to individuals upon request. Our platform empowers both businesses and consumers by ensuring a secure and seamless way to share confidential information.

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