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About Syncosystem

“I launched Syncosystem because we need a fair and sustainable health care system that prevents wasted spending and provides quality treatment to everyone who needs it without creating an unnecessary financial burden. It is also my belief that we need an improved, more insightful, and data-driven public health system,” adds Dr. Brown.

Syncosystem was founded on decades of experiences within health care, public health, business, analytics, and simply living life. Their team of highly skilled engineers, digital architects, financial advisors, and data specialists possess over a century of combined expertise in their respective fields and have come together to deliver a more impactful mobile shopping and data management platform that holds the power to improve the lives of others through a more informed approach to health and wellness.

For more information, reach out via the website or call them at (404)-496-6028.

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Company Name: Syncosystem, Inc.

Contact Person: January Pugh

Email: [email protected]

City: Atlanta

State: GA

Country: USA