An ad about building a revolutionary ecosystem with Syncosystem

Atlanta, GA, USA – Syncosystem

an innovative venture based in the US, is set to transform the Healthcare industry by revamping the way electronic health records are maintained and used by various stakeholders in the industry. The company wants to empower care seekers so that they have more control over their health data and have more visibility on how the data is shared within the system to ensure greater privacy and data security.

“Appropriate medical care for patients requires that clinicians be able to access patient’s health records to understand their medical history. This also means that any significant information, diagnosis or treatment during patient’s visit is also recorded in patient’s EHR,” says Dr. Kelvin Brown, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Syncosystem. “However, in today’s disparate medical care systems, many clinicians are unable to access or update the EHR for patients. This leads to poor care and ineffective care coordination. When we transfer the control of data in the hands of the patients, they will make sure their data is available and accessible to care providers when needed.”