Syncosystem Vision

>To improve the lives of people by facilitating meaningful, data-driven experiences during everyday transactions.

Syncosystem Mission

>To always focus on helping and enabling individuals to have better transactions, easier experiences, and smarter lives.

>To become one of the leading ecosystems and multi-industry platforms.

>To enable people to own their data throughout life and help them transform these data into something meaningful that will positively impact their lives through analysis, insight, feedback, and predictability.

>To help business of all sizes thrive by increasing revenues, decreasing expenses, and providing affordable, effective marketing.

>To develop and improve a user-friendly connection platform that includes scheduling, payment processing, secure texting, marketing, and data management.

>To embrace new technologies now and in the future, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and more.

>To achieve in the metaverse what we do in real life.

>To provide the best-in-class data security, privacy, encryption, and safety features available.

>To value inclusion and diversity while maintaining a spirit of togetherness, unity and empathy.

>To create a digital health platform that will improve medical research while assisting with the ability to predict, prevent, manage, and impact health and disease.

>To have a global impact.

$3 Million Seed Round is Launching

for interested investors

How the Shop Save Go is taking shape
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Horizon Workrooms is the VR space for teams to connect, collaborate and develop ideas, together, even if you’re around the world.
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Beat Saber

Gather your friends and get down to your favorite songs as you slash through the beats together.
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ShopSaveGo Mission:

>To encourage providers of products and services to provide their best while charging their best prices in a competitive and capitalistic landscape.

>To provide a leveled playing field so that all people can gain access and afford the best products and services from the best providers at the best cost.

>To bundle many valuable business services and offer them to providers of products and services (i.e. businesses) at an affordable rate to decrease business expenses and increase profit margins for long-term success.

>To guarantee that people are offered discounts from all providers on the platform.

>To improve our climate through decreased traveling, decreased paper consumption, decreased redundancy, decreased waste, and more efficient use of energy.

HappyStops Mission:

>To provide better and more targeted marketing at a more affordable price, reducing expenses while increasing revenues for providers.

>To offer people affordable and convenient discounts for routine, everyday purchases.

>Reduce waste.

>Improve local, state, and national economies.

>Level the playing field for marketing.

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A logo of MetaSynco

MetaSynco Mission:

>To achieve the missions of ShopSaveGo, SyncoBlock, and HappyStops in the metaverse

SyncoBlock Mission:

>To enable people to own their own data.

>To help providers of products and services make more informed decision because data will be readily available from the people themselves.

>To reduce medical errors and deaths due to a lack of accurate information.

>To reduce health care costs due to medical errors, redundant testing, lack of continuity of care, and fragmented care.

>To improve our climate through decreased traveling, decreased paper consumption, decreased redundancy, decreased waste, and more efficient use of energy.

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Our Leadership

Dr. Kelvin Brown

Founder, Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer

Jamal Khan

Tommy Sondgroth

Hon. Chuck Douglas

Advisory Board Member

January Pugh, JD

Board Member, Secretary

Phaedra Parks, ESQ

Nathaniel "Nat" Thompson

Gena Barbato

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Rasean Hodge​