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Syncosystem is set to improve health equity by making health care and the value of its data equally accessible to all

Syncosystem’s platform will give its users control over their own data regardless of race, location, and other socioeconomic determinants.

Atlanta, GA, USA – Syncosystem is working tirelessly on its vision to provide a state-of-the-art platform that will help people effortlessly access their health records at any time and from any location. The company’s main priority is to build trust, provide security, and protect the privacy of its users and their health data.

“Government has helped Syncosystem’s mission to give people access to and ownership of their data by making it the LAW for health care providers to give people access to their health records without unnecessary delay or be fined up to $1M. HIPAA is one of these laws that give people access to personal health information (PHI),” explains Dr. Kelvin Brown, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Syncosystem.

HIPAA’s Privacy Rule requires the HIPAA-covered entities to provide access to protected health information (PHI) to individuals upon request. Covered entities include individuals, health care providers, health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and other organizations that transmit health information electronically in the course of normal health care practices. The Privacy Rule includes the right to inspect or obtain a copy, or both, of the PHI, as well as to direct the covered entity to transmit a copy to a designated person or entity of the individual’s choice.

Individuals have a right to access this PHI for as long as the information is maintained by a covered entity, or by a business associate on behalf of a covered entity, regardless of the date the information was created; whether the information is maintained in paper or electronic systems onsite, remotely, or is archived; or where the PHI originated.

Syncosystem’s mission aligns with HIPAA’s Privacy Rule as it supports national standards to safeguard individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. Syncosystem’s platform enables a secure way of sharing confidential health information. It will help streamline different administrative healthcare functions, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the healthcare industry.

According to Dr. Brown, patients are going to be the biggest beneficiaries of HIPPA’s privacy rule as it puts the control of data back into their hands. The regulation paves a way to set clear boundaries on the use and release of health records. It will ensure that health care providers across the nation adopt appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of health information. The regulation holds the violators accountable by imposing civil and criminal penalties if they violate patients’ privacy rights.

“With government regulations in place, patients can have peace of mind about the safety of their personal health information. They can make more informed choices when seeking care and claiming reimbursement for medical bills. Patients will have full transparency about how their information is used, and if any disclosures about their information have been made. They can always obtain a copy of their health records to examine the data and request corrections if required,” remarks Dr. Brown.

Syncosystem’s platform has inbuilt features that will limit the release of patients’ health information to the minimum that is reasonably needed for the delivery of care. This will greatly help in preventing cases of medical identity theft or breach of information. The platform is fully compliant with HIPAA and will play a significant role in reducing abuse and fraud within the healthcare system. Coupled with Government initiatives, the platform will drive the implementation of industry standards for billing and information, and confidential handling of sensitive information.

About Syncosystem

Syncosystem was founded on decades of experiences within health care, public health, business, analytics, and simply living life. Their team of highly skilled engineers, digital architects, financial advisors, and data specialists possess over a century of combined expertise in their respective fields and have come together to deliver a more impactful mobile shopping and data management platform that holds the power to improve the lives of others through a more informed approach to health and wellness.

For more information, reach out via the website or call them at (404)-496-6028.

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